Re: Monit stopped working, checking DVstick 30 is being used

W Paul Mills AC0HY

Looks like you are mixing things from different linux distributions or versions.

It is not finding "/usr/bin/systemctl" which is probably actually at "/bin/systemctl"
It is not finding "/usr/bin/echo" which is probably at "/bin/echo"

Those are the obvious things I see as a long time linux user.

On 3/7/21 1:48 AM, David J Taylor via wrote:
[Repost - no replies received before, help would be appreciated]

I recently installed DVSwitch on a spare Raspberry Pi 3B and it seems to
be working perfectly, however:

- I installed on an existing working RPi rather then from the image.  I
don't appear to have a dvswitch account.  Does that matter?

- I added a DVstick 30 (with the device powered down...), configured
again, and the functions appear to be working correctly.  I've not been
able to do A/B testing but I feel the quality is better on DMR. Is
there any way from the dashboard (or otherwise) I can check that the
DVstick 30 is working and in use?

- The Monit function appears to have stopped working, after the DVstick
30 install.  I get no response from the :2812 port, and if I try:

   sudo monit status

I get I set of error messages including:

/etc/monit/conf-enabled/ysfparrot:5: Program does not exist:
/etc/monit/conf-enabled/ysfparrot:6: Program does not exist:
/etc/monit/conf-enabled/system:6: Program does not exist: '/usr/bin/echo'
/etc/monit/conf-enabled/analog_bridge:7: Program does not exist:
Cannot create socket to [localhost]:2812 -- Connection refused

I've not used Monit before so I'm unsure where to start trouble-shooting!

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