Re: Monit stopped working, checking DVstick 30 is being used

David J Taylor

On 08/03/2021 05:56, W Paul Mills AC0HY wrote:
Looks like you are mixing things from different linux distributions or
It is not finding "/usr/bin/systemctl" which is probably actually at
It is not finding "/usr/bin/echo" which is probably at "/bin/echo"
Those are the obvious things I see as a long time linux user.
Thanks, Paul.

While Linux can be a a pain for incompatibility, I have simply installed the current version of DVswitch (based on Buster, I understand) on the current version of the Raspberry Pi OS (also based on Buster, Linux RasPi-18 4.19.66-v7+ #1253 SMP Thu Aug 15 11:49:46 BST 2019 armv7l). But I could easily be wrong.

Fortunately, it's working now, so I don't /need/ to change anything, but would you recommend a re-install, or any other changes?

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