Re: DVSwitch server not linked anymore #analog_bridge


Hi My problem is solved,

After some time I could not link to the DMR Brandmeister server?
We are forced (in the Netherlands) now to set the RX and TX frequency to the same value (simplex).
This is done without any notice from the Brandmeister administrator.
Everything works fine now. I found this information on a Facebook page .

Because of this issue we noticed that whiteout connection with the bridge u can use only the reflector as an intercom.
Is this allowed? sinds you are not connecting to any server.
So finally if people have trouble to connect DMR change the frequency TX and RX to the same value. (change this in the settings of the server / bridge)
Log on to the DVSwitch server and go in to the menu with the command DVS. Go to the Advanced Configuration Menu. 
So not in the Analog Reflector. I chose 433.0000 as TX and RX frequency. 

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