Re: Monit stopped working, checking DVstick 30 is being used

Jason - WY7JT

D-Star is different as each reflector is it's own server. I'm new to playing with D-Star with DVswitch Server, but I've heard that some of the servers are having issues with too many hotspots parked 24/7 which sucks up a lot of bandwidth and resources. So they're blocking people that try to connect with more than one hotspot since the second one will keep trying to connect. So best to only have one connection and then unlink if you're not actively listening. 

Side note, I added the NW Digital vocoder dongle, and what an audio improvement. And D-Star sounds pretty good. I had to redo my D-Star registration as some of the reflectors wouldn't link. I had done D-Star registration before for Peanut, but somehow it was dropped, so perhaps I hadn't completed it properly. Funny that I could still use Peanut and get into some of the D-Star reflectors like REF030C. So if you're having issues connecting you might check your D-Star registration.

Jason - WY7JT

On Sun, Mar 7, 2021 at 11:40 AM David J Taylor via <> wrote:

One question - how many hotspots/DVswitch can one D-STAR user have on a
single public IP address?

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