Re: Our ability to support connectivity to

David Young

You can register on the new TGIF server by going to the WEB page:  There at the top is a link to login or register.  Registering gives you capability to go to self-care and generate a security prime.tgif.password for your DMR ID's (separate password for each DMR ID) which currently you need to access the talk groups.  This site is in beta testing until Ty Weaver decides it is ready to replace the existing legacy.  Once this happens the current DNS name will be reassigned to the new IP and the WEB link will then become the same as the legacy which is
Each TG admin on the new server will be able to set the security password for his/her talk group or leave it as the default password:  passw0rd.
We have also been using DVSwitch to bridge talk group 30639 on the into our master hblink3 hub and it works fine.  Currently we are using the security password which we put into the MMDVM_Bridge.ini file in the DMR Network stanza.  No problems found doing this, other than you need to be registered and have your own security password to access any talk group on the new server.


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