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Hmm, I'd have thought it better to have Analog_Bridge or an equivalent program to transcode between M17 (Codec2) and PCM.  Doing it via DMR means there's an unnecessary transcoding step, when going from M17 to ASL (i.e. going via AMBE+2), degrading audio quality unnecessarily.  I've built my multimode gateway on the principle of transcoding as few times as possible.  From any digital mode to PCM is only one transcoding operation, between any 2 modes, there is never more than 2 transcoding operations (one source to PCM, then one from PCM to the target codec).  And the release of Analog_Reflector has allowed me to (mostly) preserve metadata across modes.

On 12/3/21 8:46 am, Steve KC1AWV wrote:
As of now, there is only one known path to get M17 to ASL, and that is to use M172DMR.

nostar MMDVM_CM fork:

Using M172DMR, you can cross-mode M17 to a DMR talkgroup. Then it's a simple matter of getting that DMR TG to ASL.

If anyone's interested in creating an ASL to M17 bridge, feel free to reach out to me.

Steve KC1AWV

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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