Re: Emulator timed out on encode!

Steve N4IRS

These are the settings for you to look at:


; General vocoder setup information
decoderFallBack = false            ; Allow software AMBE decoding if a hardware decoder is not found
useEmulator = false                ; Use the MD380 AMBE emulator for AMBE72 (DMR/YSFN/NXDN)
emulatorAddress =   ; IP address and port of the md380 server

;address =               ; IP address of AMBEServer
;rxPort = 2471                     ; Port of AMBEServer
address = /dev/ttyUSB0             ; Device of DV3000U on this machine
baud = 460800                      ; Baud rate of the dongle (230400 or 460800)
serial = true                      ; Use serial=true for direct connect or serial=false for AMBEServer

You are not set to use the emulator or fall back to the vocoder built into Analog_Bridge
You are setup to use a hardware vocoder plugged into the USB port

If this is not what you want, fix the settings above.

Steve N4IRS

On 3/12/21 4:55 AM, G4WXN@... wrote:
I was seeing activity on the android device, but no audio.

How can I test to see if the emulator is running?

AB.ini file attached.

Thanks for your time.


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