Re: M17 to ASL


On 13/3/21 1:34 am, Steve KC1AWV wrote:
Tony, my thoughts exactly. A path between two points should be made as
simple as possible.
Yes, I have a principle of doing as little as possible with the audio,
and that principle goes back to the early days of EchoIRLP (way back in
2002-2003), where I theorised that it should be possible to pass traffic
from Echolink to IRLP without decompressing the audio, which others were
able to implement in code.  This became a feature of EchoIRLP and the
shared IRLP/Echolink conferences in use today.

I was unaware of the Codec2 server. This should make things a whole
lot easier. M17Gateway exists as a 'beta', in the sense that it's not
completely tested.
Yep, why reinvent the wheel, when all you need to do is bolt an existing
wheel onto your new axle? :)

I think we have the parts, we just need a plan to put them together.
I have a feeling you're right.

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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