Re: Yaesu System Fusion 2 DMR

G7RPG - Peter Kendall

Hi Steve,

Got round to having a play with YSF2DMR and successfully got YSF2DMR to
log on to BM and a YSF reflector so the Allstar hub here now has access
via YSF using the same vocoder doing ASL<>BM.

It's not ideal as there is a bit of a round trip back and forth to BM
but it works perfectly.

So... would it be possible using the the bits I've got to have YSF2DMR
log onto a part of hb bridge rather than go out all the way to BM ?


On 27/02/18 01:27, Steve N4IRS wrote:
BTW, P25 <---> YSF Wide is on the roadmap

On 02/26/2018 07:54 PM, G7RPG - Peter Kendall wrote:
Hi Steve,

I realised that about 1ms after I clicked the send button. Was worried
about going off topic.

The question is...

Could YSF2DMR be used to link the ASL<>BM to YSF without needing another
ambe ?


On 27/02/18 00:25, Steve N4IRS wrote:
Peter, you went on the list, but the discussion is welcome here.


On 02/26/2018 07:22 PM, G7RPG - Peter Kendall wrote:
Hi Peter,

Hope you don't mind me contacting you direct.

I wonder if I could pick your brains on the subject of YSF2DMR ?


On 25/02/18 00:13, Peter M0NWI wrote:
Cort, Steve, Mike,

Have you seen Andy's work on the YSF2DMR module For MMDVM, wonder if
it would fit with the philosophy of DVSwitch as another partner?

From the readme, it seems to covert on the fly both ways between
the 2 modes, in software without need of a dongle?

Worth a look?


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