P25 to DMR bridge using DVSwitch Server

David Young

Trying to understand how to use the new DVSwitch-Server to bridge from P25 to DMR.  Using the old DVSwitch bridging, two instances of Analog_Bridge were required, which I assume is still necessary but DVSwitch-Server seems to only auto-start one instance of Analog_Bridge.  The second I have been starting manually.  I think I am missing something here.  How do I setup DVSwitch-Server to auto start two instances of Analog_Bridge?  I have been using the primary Analog_Bridge with it's .ini file (Analog_Bridge.ini) setup for the P25 side and then I add another instance of Analog_Bridge in the same default folder named Analog_Bridge_DMR with it's associated .ini file (Analog_Bridge_DMR.ini).  The DMR side Analog_Bridge I have been manually starting which is where I think I am missing the correct procedure.  Doing the P25 to DMR bridge this way works, but I do run into problems usually after it runs for some time (sometimes afew hours and some times a day or so), then either it stops running or the audio gets distorted with very long latency.  When I look at the server stats I see a very large amount of disk IO operations and the CPU usage goes upward over 50% which seems excessive as I am only running two bridges on the server, P25 and NXDN, both to DMR.  I also noted that the Analog_Bridge_DMR.log generating messages which say MMDVM success constantly which is causing the log file to grow quite large.  I have changed the logging from the default of 2 (message) to 0 (None) which stops these messages.  The primary Analog_Bridge.log file does not do this.

I am sure I must not be following the correct setup to bridge P25 to DMR with DVSwitch-Server, help?


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