Re: more: not connecting to BM any more

Steve N4IRS

The update does not force a change to the .ini you can say no.
There is no fix needed. You can look to BM as a repeater or a simplex hotspot. There are pluses and minuses with each type. You just need to set the options. Most users are DMO.
The ID in the [General] section is how you identify to the Master. I suggest you add a SSID for more finite control from the BM admin page.
The repeater ID will go away at some point. It's a leftover.
DMR Gateway is designed to allow the MMDVM hotspot user to use modified TG numbers to switch networks on the fly. MMDVM_Bridge provides switching networks without a gateway. 

On 3/15/2021 12:09 PM, Ken KE2N via wrote:
OK - so I probably made a typo in the frequency. Complicated by the unwanted ini changes from the update.

If I understand then, DVSwitch looks like a simplex hot spot from the BM side.  
So you have to tell BM you are a simplex node, even if you are a repeater  (at least until some fix is implemented).

Can you clarify if the ID in the [General] stanza should be CCS7 or the 9-digit CCS7+2  or does it matter?

The DVSwitch dashboard shows both numbers. 7-digits for GW ID and 9-digits for RPT ID.  (That is coming from AB I guess).

Am I to understand that MMDVM_Bridge, in addition to its protocol translation function, is also a DMR gateway? (or perhaps DMR does not need a gateway)?  


PS I fixed the DSTAR error message by killing ircgatewayd and setting DSTAR enable=0 in MMDVM
I suspect the error was due to a conflict with the actual DSTAR repeater that I run at the same public IP.

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