Re: more: not connecting to BM any more

Ken KE2N

OK - a while back you told me I needed to set duplex = 0 but now you are saying I can set it to either 1 or 0.  If it is set to zero, then the frequencies need to be the same.  But this is not my experience.  If I set it to 1, with different frequencies, after 5 minutes or so I can no longer bring up the connection from my DMR HT/repeater, unless I first key up the analog side. There is no error message in the log when it dies. It's like BM just stops talking to MMDVM_Bridge unless it has recently heard something going the other way. This problem does not happen with duplex=0.

As you point out, all the talk about frequencies is, of course, irrelevant to MMDVM_Bridge because its not an actual modem connected to a radio. 

The answer to my question about the ID number is that it can be either the 7 digit number or a 9 digit number.  The extra digits let me see (in self-care) which hot spot is active. But that 9 digit number does not show up in Last Heard - only 7 digits are seen. And it does not show up in the DVSwitch dashboard. Is there some other place it would show up?

DMO is a new acronym for me. Direct Mode Operation - it seems was originally intended to distinguish from Repeater Mode Operation. For DMO the radio would operate simplex with only 1 time slot - or maybe no time slots at all.  But I guess DMO has taken on additional meaning having to do with hot spots and network protocol.

Sorry for being a bit thick about this.  I am trying to increase my level of understanding in fits and starts.


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