Re: P25 to DMR on VPS Server

Steve N4IRS

it can be installed on a VPS.
You can do the base install and then add the changes to build the bridge. A DMR to P25 bridge requires a transcoder. You can build a transcoder with 2 copies of Analog_Bridge. You bridge will look something like this:
DMR Network <-> MMDVM_Bridge_DMR_ports <-> Analog_Bridge_1 <-> Analog_Bridge_2 <-> MMDVM_Bridge_P25_ports <-> P25Gateway <-> P25Reflector

DMR Network and P25Reflector are external
MMDVM_Bridge is a single instance
Analog_Bridge is 2 instances
P25Gateway is a single instance

See <>

Steve N4IRS

On 3/15/21 8:00 PM, Adrianm0glj@... wrote:

Hi Guy's

Am I correct in thinking that DV Switch can be used to bridge DMR and P25?

If so can it be installed on a VPS server rather than using a Raspberry Pi?

Is there a simple way of installing the minimal requirements to do the transcoding between DMR and P25?



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