Re: more: not connecting to BM any more

Steve N4IRS

Yes, you need to understand how BM wants a connection to be configured. A duplex connection from MMDVM_Bridge has very little upside and more downside.
We have tried to set the defaults in MMDVM_Bridge for DMO. (duplex =0)  A mis-configured simplex hotspot could have it's frequencies set to split. When BM started implementing controls to not allow a mis-configured client to connect, we had to change the default frequencies to simplex. You do not have to tell BM you want a duplex connection, you just have to configure your client to duplex =1 and split frequencies.

As Corey said, these are protocol standards and BM standards. MMDVMHost and MMDVM_Bridge allowed a improper configuration to be sent to the Master. BM has implemented controls to not allow this. DVSwitch is changing MMDVM_Bridge to fix mis-configured connections before they are sent to a Master (BM or not) Simple Terminal Feature Update makes all of this moot.    

On 3/16/2021 8:29 AM, Ken KE2N via wrote:
So maybe the gap in my knowledge is on the BM end.  I am concluding that the ad hoc connection made by MMDVM_Bridge is always (or by default)  a DMO connection.

If you wanted the (RMO) duplex connection, is there something you have to tell BM first? Are you basically asking for a repeater connection?


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