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Steve N4IRS

I disagree that anything has to be done on the BM side. It all depends on your needs. And again, duplex offers some advantages but has some downsides.
Yes, the UI for BM changes base on the configuration you present during login. MB is not disconnected from the receiving TG, BM uses a inactivity timer for a duplex connection to remove the TG.

Steve N4IRS

On 3/16/2021 9:10 AM, Ken KE2N via wrote:

OK - hold the boat.
I finally figured out what is going on.  I was on the right track when I concluded that something had to be done on the BM side.

When you change from duplex=0 to duplex=1,  BM automatically changes your hot spot configuration to have two time slots.
You will not see this unless you are looking for it - e.g., by going to BM self-care and refreshing the browser (may have to clear cache in some browsers).
Any static TG you had configured will "disappear" - it belonged to your old duplex=0 hot spot.
You need to set the static TG for the appropriate TS for your shiny new duplex hot spot. Otherwise MMDVM_Bridge will be disconnected from receiving the TG after a few minutes. 

>> this was what was causing the issue I observed.

Thanks for humoring me - 


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