Re: Analog_Bridge log and boot log errors

Steve N4IRS

Is Analog_Bridge running? Try starting it?
The dashboard is at port 80. 8080 is the RX monitor.

On 3/16/2021 9:58 AM, G4WXN@... wrote:

I have just used the system builder to rebuild one of my Rpis that was having issues.
I first used the system builder back in March or April last year, this install looks very different.

Anyway, cutting to the chase.

I see this error in the boot.log file
Can not find /tmp/ABInfo file (have you run Analog_Bridge?), aborting 

I also have another error, in that I tried to connect to the dashboard on ipaddressofpi:8080 and I get a message

"Upgrade required"

If anyone can throw light upon either problem it would be appreciated.



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