Re: hytera USB packet structure

Eric - KF7EEL

I haven't seen a Hytera GPS packet, but would like to as I may be able to add it to hblink for decoding. All the data types that I have seen have been at 1/2 rate, so BPTC works. When I started investigating a few months ago with wireshark, all the DMR data was encapsulated in an MMDVM packet. I was sniffing traffic from my hotspot to try to decode GPS data. When I finally got something figured out, I built an application for hblink that decodes the data (BPTC, happened to be built into dmr_utils3 python library).

I have seen data from Anyone, TYT, Motorola, and a few others, all encoded at 1/2. Setting SMS settings on my Anyone for H-SMS (believe that is for Hytera) results in SMS encoded at 1/2.

I am guessing that the data you seek is encoded at 1/2 rate. You can enable a setting in PiStar to all least decode the packet header, that would point you in the right direction.

There are also a couple lines in my hblink fork that you can uncomment that will display the raw decoded packets.

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