Cloud based Dstar Ambe Server Audio Quality

Ken, K6EFJ

Does anyone in the group have experience using Zum Ambe Server on a Cloud based VPS? 
I currently have a working Debian 10 (Buster) cloud based (Wireblade VPS) install of DvSwitch Server and Allstar.  I have a public facing Zum Ambe Server on a separate fiber to home connection. Dvswitch is configured with the correct IP address and port number for the ambe server, but the audio quality on Dstar is very poor. If I switch to MD380 emulation in DvSwitch Server it actually sounds better. I have a second duplicate installation (same fiber to home connection) of Dvswitch Server and Allstar (2-14 image) on a Rpi 3b using a NW Digital ThumbDV or a DVMEGA DVstick 30 and the audio on Dstar sounds great. I have already tried swapping the Zum Ambe Server and power supply as I have two of them with no difference in results.  Any ideas????
Ken K6EFJ 

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