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Randy AA6RH

On Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 01:40 PM, <ibjosh1985@...> wrote:
can i get any assistance please
I strongly suggest that you spend a bit of time diagramming this in order to make sense of the interconnection between services. I scanned the thread and haven't seen you provide this, and looking at screenshots and copy-pasted logs is not helping right now (i.e. very, VERY hard to read and follow).

DV Switch is not an off-the-shelf product that you can just plug in and expect it to work flawlessly. You as an individual user also need to step up and make it a priority to learn how UDP networking functions in the real world. Your questions and responses have shown that you're not quite there (though I'm open to the possibility that you're actually very experienced with UDP and just want someone to do the work for you). UDP sockets can be confusing; go slow and take your time.

This is not to be mean-spirited, but you can't reasonably expect someone else to configure your software for you. All we can do is offer suggestions.

Randy Hall AA6RH (not K7AGE, quit asking) 😁

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