Re: Bridge

Steve N4IRS

Your configuration will look like this:

DMR Network <-> MMDVM_Bridge_DMR <-> Analog_Bridge_DMR <-> Analog_Bridge_P25 <-> MMDVM_Bridge_P25 <-> P25Gateway <-> P25 Network
MMDVM_Bridge_DMR and MMDVM_Bridge_P25 are a single instance of MMDVM_Bridge
Analog_Bridge_DMR and Analog_Bridge_P25 are 2 instances of Anallog_Bridge

1: stop ALL dvswitch services.
2: Setup MMDVM_Bridge to connect the the DMR network. Verify it is connecting and passing traffic. Run it in the foreground so you can see the traffic. Only enable the DMR mode and DMR Networking.
    You will need to set a static TG in selfcare if using BM.

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DMR / P25

VPS running Debian

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