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Randy AA6RH

On Sun, Mar 21, 2021 at 09:26 PM, <ibjosh1985@...> wrote:
not looking for some one to do it for me just answer questions i have sent my files , logs and copy and past so the audio bridge file for dmr once launched it says it cannot bind a port but when changing ports it still say's the samething and then i'm getting this Your gatewayDmrId 3174494 is NOT  in the subscriber file.
Fantastic, glad to hear that you're on board with doing the work.

Part of that work is to carefully diagram what you're configuration looks like in a block diagram with arrows indicating data flows (and port numbers). This will help you figure out what the configuration looks like (because we've been saying that this looks like a configuration problem). Please do the diagram (there are examples on this site, look in the wiki (one example is on this page: and then provide that as a reply here.

It is my feeling (and I think Steve would agree) that if you do this, the problem is going to become either a) obvious to you, so that you can fix it, or b) obvious to us, so we can offer specific advice.


Randy Hall AA6RH (not K7AGE, quit asking) 😁

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