Re: DMR Chan Chg problem on RPi4

Steve N4IRS

Good, question. That imag was a proof of concept quickie. Next one will be more complete.

So, if you are going to start with the AllStarLink beta:
Boot the image and go through their complete setup. Make sure the node is working correctly
chmod +x buster
apt install dvswitch-server
Use the dvs menu to setup DVSwitch Server
Make sure everything is working.
apt install analog-reflector
cd /opt/Analog_Reflector
cd ssl
cd /opt/Analog_Reflector
edit Analog_Reflector.json (change as little as possible)
edit DMR ID etc
Put in your AllStar node number (in place of 1999)
 edit /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf
Change you node to use the rxchannel chan_usrp (unless the ASL menu let you do this already.)
enable chan_usrp in modules.conf

Steve N4IRS

On 3/22/2021 3:34 PM, Gary wrote:
Thanks fer reply Steve.

BTW, "rpt fun 27610 *327580" does work with good audio telem response. No idea why the "*09xxxx" autopatch trick fails.
Further debug req'd.

If I use ASL 2.0x Beta image on RPi4 as starting point,
  what are proper install steps fer DVSwitch-Server & Analog-Reflector?

de W5BI Gary

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