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Steve N4IRS

You don't need a repeater ID for a bridge. Using your DMR ID for a TG number is just fine. Look in Analog_Bridge.ini for this:

minTxTimeMS = 2500                      ; Analog -> Digital Minimum time in MS for hang delay (0-10000)

Increase the value to 3000 and restart Analog_brige. That should help.

Steve N4IRS

On 3/23/2021 1:25 PM, Bill Kittilson wrote:
Thanks! That fixed the issue.  Not sure how that got deleted.  
I'm using my DMR ID as the talk group.   This seams to work until someone on my allstar or DMR has a bad connection and drop the connection too many times Then I get "user blocked" from Brandmister.  

Someone said get a repeater ID, I have one but no idea how to use it for the bridge.  Have you use a repeater id for bridging?


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