Analog Reflector (hUC) installation problem turned out to be a Firefox problem


I tried to get the Analog Reflector (hUC) going for a couple of weeks without any luck.  I could get it onto the web page just fine with Firefox.  It let me have audio in, but no transmit out because Firefox did not even give me the 'Transmit' button (how the heck did Firefox do that ????)  I finally had a friend watch me remotely reinstall the AR (uHC) with 'AnyDesk'.  Neither of us could see a problem or see any error codes.  Finally I tried to fire up the hUC web site with Chrome instead of Firefox.  This was after Chrome asked if I was sure I wanted to install an unsecured web site.  And asked again if was I really sure, and really really sure or whatever they were asking, I agreed to all.  Firefox and other browsers asked the same questions.  Anyway it now works perfectly on two Linux computers with Chrome and nothing else that I've tried.  I want to see how it works on a friends computer.  Now it's up and onward to getting Allstar installed.  Thank you Steve, Mike and your team for putting all this together. 

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