locked Shaming for using an app


I don't know if this has happened to some you before but for sure it's getting on my nerves. And this happens mostly on D-Star.

There is always your typical smartalec - who thinks he knows better - that comes up with the "you're supposed to use a real radio" tirade.
I don't like being told by nobody what I'm supposed to use to communicate. In fact I don't really care about other people's devices (as long as their transmission is fine).
So this can easily turn into a heated argument, something I wish to avoid.
But the problem is you can't lie about your device because on the dashboards there is that DVSW suffix that gives you away.
So the question is: can you please implement a feature so that we can let appear in that field the name of a radio and move on, and be done with silly arguments?

Thank you
73 de IK7VXC

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