#best_practices #dvs remote control of a vps running alstarlink and dvs #best_practices #dvs

Pierre Martel

Sorry I could be asking an obvious question. But since I was not following the whole development of the dvs suite I am kind of lost right now

I have a vps that is running ASL that I installed from the repo, I also installed dvs server from the repo. And used the script to connect to BM Canada on a fix TG and I have Hamshack Hotline . I have what it seem all the other network ready but I have no Idea how I can connect them on demand or even in a fix way. 

I tried to find how to connect the html client or the android app but I just cant find the proper way. I have no private node on the systeme. the node is reporting to ASL.

Should I add a private node? 


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