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Pierre Martel

got it, Thank Steve. I have 2 time 4 ambe chips, usb board that I want to try to use. So maybe it would be easier for me to setup the server at my place and connect to the vps as the fix spot on the internet for a few things and have private nodes at home that connect to the multiple networks. anyways sending a connect command to a local or remote node is the same. I could a;so use the new numbering system that give out 10 node number from one node request and put all the nodes online as links to the different networks for other ham to use. 

Will work on that this week end.

Le ven. 26 mars 2021 à 21:27, Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> a écrit :
You can run multiple instance of MD380-emu on one VPS. One per data stream.


On 3/26/21 9:24 PM, Jeff Lehman, N8ACL via wrote:
You ar eprobably going to want multiple instances of the transcoder. I have tried it in the past with just the one md380emu and it crashed and burned from trying to transcode between dmr, analog and ysfn at the same time. I had to reload the vps at least once a month till I separated the YSF out to a second vps. 

On Mar 26, 2021, at 19:44, Pierre Martel <petem001@...> wrote:

ok, got it! I will create a few private nodes and will link them with AB with usrp and MB connected to each network I want to add. will need to check the port carefully. 

one question, for the transcoding, do I need multiple instances of the vocoder or it can take multiple connections?

Le ven. 26 mars 2021 à 19:12, Jeff Lehman, N8ACL via <> a écrit :
Got ya. Ok. Then leave hh the way it is and yes you will need a private node and ab/mb combos for each other network to connect and disconnect on demand. 

On Mar 26, 2021, at 19:06, Pierre Martel <petem001@...> wrote:

I want the asl hh and dmr tg to stay connected all the time. But all the other digital networks connect on demand.  The 30288 TG is an RF link to HH and ASL and it was designed for that permanently

Le ven. 26 mars 2021 à 18:58, Jeff Lehman, N8ACL via <> a écrit :
Only for the dmr bridge. The Hamshack hotline bridge would connect directly to a private node as would echolink. I don’t know how many other connections you have, but the echolink and hh ones would not need analog bridge. 

On Mar 26, 2021, at 18:53, Pierre Martel <petem001@...> wrote:

It make total sens but it also mean that I have to connect the private nodes to an analog bridge and this analog bridge to one reflector of the specific digital network , so that would mean at least 4 more analog bridges 

Le ven. 26 mars 2021 à 18:45, Jeff Lehman, N8ACL via <> a écrit :
So everything you want to do is via asl. The problem you have is since you connected everything directly to the main node you will not be able to connect or disconnect anything on demand. 

The way I do it is with multiple private nodes. I have a node for echolink a node for a dmr bridge a node for an xlx bridge. Then I use the startup macro on the main node to connect to all the private nodes on startup. Then if I need to disconnect a mode, link echolink for example, I just disconnect that node and it’s not on the system. Then I can connect it back. 

You can do it with the html client by creating elements for connect node x, another for disconnect node x, another for connect node y etc etc. then you can connect and disconnect modes from there. In the TG element you would put someone like “*31999” to connect node x and then *21999 to disonnect node x

Hopefully that makes sense. 

On Mar 26, 2021, at 18:25, Pierre Martel <petem001@...> wrote:

Sorry I could be asking an obvious question. But since I was not following the whole development of the dvs suite I am kind of lost right now

I have a vps that is running ASL that I installed from the repo, I also installed dvs server from the repo. And used the script to connect to BM Canada on a fix TG and I have Hamshack Hotline . I have what it seem all the other network ready but I have no Idea how I can connect them on demand or even in a fix way. 

I tried to find how to connect the html client or the android app but I just cant find the proper way. I have no private node on the systeme. the node is reporting to ASL.

Should I add a private node? 


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