#dvs Help with DMR using DVSWITCH please #dvs


Hello, for many months DVSwitch has been running on my RPi4 without a single issue, now I find it still works on all modes except for DMR. I have gone onto Brandmeister and hotspot is no longer showing as enabled under services. I changed default password months ago, all other settings Okay,  raised a ticket with Brandmeister for assistance, awaiting a response. To rule out my RPi4, have reinstalled a new image with DVSwitch and latest updates but still on joy.

I'm sure my RPi4 setup is Okay, my Brandmeister configuration Okay too as able to access BM using Droidstar and can see a hotspot enabled when using Droidstar, I'm now wondering if it could be DVSwitch client running on my multiple Android devices (doesn't work on any) has anyone experienced a similar issue and if so what was the resolution?

Many thanks in advance.


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