Re: MMDVM_Bridge Crashes as part of P25 <-> DMR link #mmdvm_bridge

Steve N4IRS

Send me the info on the reflector (IP and Port) I can setup a system to capture the data before the crash.

On 3/27/21 8:33 PM, Andrew Lynch wrote:
Good evening,

I had a chance to start gathering more info this evening from a couple sources and watched logs to see when it was occuring. I currently have a working P25 <-> MMDVM_Bridge/Analog_Bridge <-> DMR setup with all the ports and transcoding working fine. Hotspot P25 users connect to the reflector just fine and are able to communicate with DMR users. There is one repeater system that is linked via P25Link into that reflector, and traffic from that source causes MMDVM to restart midway through the conversation. There is no error entry (I turned on all the debugging), MMDVM_Bridge simply restarts, reconnects, and picks up roughly where it left off. The P25Reflector doesn't restart or indicate any issues. 

Are there known issues with MMDVM_Bridge restarting or any further debugging that would be helpful to identify the source of the restart? I have the captured logs to share if someone would find them useful. One is all raw P25Reflector debug data, the other is MMDVM_Bridge's logs at reset.


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