Problem running new DVSwitch on same server as XLX, YSF, P25 or NXDN reflectors

David Young

Having problems running the new DVSwitch modules on same server as these reflectors.
XLX problem:  using buster repository and DVSwitch, XLX cannot open the key UDP ports as DVSwitch seems to be using them.  Un-installed DVSwitch and XLX then can open it's required ports.
YSF Reflector problem:  Again using buster repository and DVSwitch modules, randomly, reflector shuts down.  Sometimes runs for hours, sometimes for a day or two between failures.  YSFReflector log shows error message:  free(): double free detected in tcache 2.
P25 and NXDN Reflectors:  same as YSFReflector but do not see the same error message but the reflectors will shutdown and require to manually perform a reload then restart of the Reflector run scripts provided by G4KLX from his github link.
On P25 and NXDN reflectors have tried using DVSwitch-Server and then backed off that and am currently using just DVSwitch without the dashboard.

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