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Cort N0MJS <n0mjs@...>

I think you bay be confused about how the pieces work.

If you’re running and, there is no need to run on it’s own. 

On Mar 17, 2018, at 1:45 PM, kbluetkemeier via Groups.Io <kbluetkemeier@...> wrote:

I test today but I have no funktion

I Create one Master (Globale Master) here are connecting the MMDVM Hotspots Port 54000 (Start
Than I Create a snd Master (Parrot Master) with the port 54004 (start:

On the first globale Master hblink.cfg I have two client

client-1 connect to the Gloable Master
client-2 connect to the Parrot Master

on the hb_confbridge_rules i write:

    'HBlink': [
            {'SYSTEM': 'client-1',       'TS': 2, 'TGID': 9990, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'ON': [], 'OFF': []},
            {'SYSTEM': 'client-2',       'TS': 2, 'TGID': 9990, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'TO_TYPE': 'NONE', 'ON': [], 'OFF': []},

I start the he write me over one million he need 1.5 seconds an thats all.

But no communication between Globale Master and Parrot Master :-(

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