Re: Problem running new DVSwitch on same server as XLX, YSF, P25 or NXDN reflectors

Komkit Listisard

Dave,  I am following this.  I run into the same YSFReflector throwing " free(): double free detected in tcache 2." very often.  I have no idea  what was the problem.

I opened the issue on G4KLX under YSFClients github as I have no idea where to ask about what this error is all about. If you would add your issue on the list, the issue might have a chance to get some attention.  At least I hope to know what the error mean.

I do not know if it was DVSwitch related or not,  I have 2 YSF reflectors running.  One with XLX and the other stand alone just YSFReflector only no DVSWitch and I do recall I have seen the same error on both reflectors.

For the XLX server I am using MMDVM_Bridge service only just to bridge DMR <-> YSF, I disabled everything else.  If I did not disable what I do not use on DVSWitch, they will be fighting over the ports.  

73, Kit

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