Re: Problem running new DVSwitch on same server as XLX, YSF, P25 or NXDN reflectors

David Young

Ok, I put one server running P25 and NXDN with bridging to hblink3 master hub back to the stock versions of Analog_Bridge V161 and MMDVM_Bridge V163.  So far after turning on the Analog_Bridge logging to #2 I am not getting the redundant messages.  This could have been my mistake when initially setting up the bridge as I forgot that the one instance of Analog_Bridge auto starts and I probably started it a second time, or maybe one of the updates fixed this problem.
The high CPU usage usually takes almost an hour before it starts to jump up from 5%.  So you might let it go over night.
Here is an error message I am getting when starting the MMDVM_Bridge for NXDN which is the second bridge so it doesn't auto start and I start it manually.  See the MMDVM_Bridge log file, the last entry after successful connection to the master.
"E:  NXDN unknown tag (13) in TVL"  if I use MMDVM_Bridge V162, this error does not appear.  Don't know if this is important to the operation, as the bridge works ok.

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