Re: DVS install on Hytera PNC380 ?

Steve N4IRS

Send the full UUID to dvswitch.inad@... I'll tell you how to send payment and send you the code you need.

Steve N4IRS

On 4/4/21 5:18 PM, Allister wrote:
Well I am delighted to report that I have the 1.61 version of DVSwitch installed on the Hytera PNC 380. 

It's accepting all my DMR ID and call sign as well as registering with my server,  so that's all very encouraging. 

I now have the message : 
Google Play Store not available. 
Contact DVSwitch with this String 
UUID=927d0630c548 xxx  ( xxx in place of the actual values) 

What is the recommended way to contact DVSwitch ? 

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