Adding XLX Reflector

David - W9DWH

Our local System Fusion repeater runs a Wires-X room.  Rather than set up a YSF or FCS reflector it was decided an XLX reflector would be used instead.  That way it's Wires-X room can also be accessed via DMR, D-Star, etc.

Setting up the XLX reflector on Pi-Star was a breeze.  However, since XLX is not native to DVS I'm trying to figure out how to add it.  I've done some research, here in the group, but a lot of info I've found so far is outdated now. I also keep seeing info that references Brandmeister and I don't need any connectivity directly from XLX to BM.  Therefore I'm a little lost at the moment. Is there an updated tutorial anywhere that will lead me through adding XLX connectivity only? 

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