moderated Re: Compile Error in M172DMR - md380_vocoder.h missing

Steve N4IRS

I suggest you ask in the github area.

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From: <> on behalf of Jeff - WA3PNY via <bauerjv@...>
Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2021 12:58:27 PM
To: <>
Subject: [DVSwitch] Compile Error in M172DMR - md380_vocoder.h missing
I must be missing something obvious, I git cloned the Nostar branch of MMDVM_CM, and am attempting to compile M172DMR module, and it errors out not finding md380_vocoder.h  I'm compiling on a HP server, and a bunch of md380_vocoders seem to be nailed into ARM.  Here is what I am seeing:

bauerjv@penn-link4:~/Downloads/M17/MMDVM_CM/M172DMR$ sudo make
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o BPTC19696.o BPTC19696.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o Conf.o Conf.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o CRC.o CRC.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o DelayBuffer.o DelayBuffer.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o DMRData.o DMRData.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o DMREMB.o DMREMB.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o DMREmbeddedData.o DMREmbeddedData.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o DMRFullLC.o DMRFullLC.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o DMRLC.o DMRLC.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o DMRLookup.o DMRLookup.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o DMRNetwork.o DMRNetwork.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o DMRSlotType.o DMRSlotType.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o M17Network.o M17Network.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o Golay2087.o Golay2087.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o Golay24128.o Golay24128.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o Hamming.o Hamming.cpp
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o Log.o Log.cpp
g++    -c -o mbeenc.o
cc -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread   -c -o ambe.o ambe.c
cc1: warning: command line option ‘-std=c++11’ is valid for C++/ObjC++ but not for C
g++ -g -O3 -Wall -std=c++0x -pthread -c -o MBEVocoder.o MBEVocoder.cpp
MBEVocoder.cpp:21:10: fatal error: md380_vocoder.h: No such file or directory
   21 | #include <md380_vocoder.h>
      |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.
make: *** [Makefile:19: MBEVocoder.o] Error 1

Many thanks -- Jeff

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