Re: DMR glitch on talk group 3142

Corey Dean N3FE

Have you read the USA section of the bm wiki?  Many of the cbridge based networks that bm is a guest to doesn’t want any type of cross mode.  The clearnode translates analog to dmr therefore is a cross mode.  As a guest to those networks and keep the two different networks linked and happy cross modes should not happen.   Since we are a guest we will follow their wishes on 3142.

On Apr 13, 2021, at 9:39 PM, Robert Rodriguez via <robertr64@...> wrote:

   I finally figured out how to add DMR master servers to the ClearNode configuration on the iPhone.
Talk group 3142 had the same issue on all 3 US servers, but it seems to be all right on Canada server 
3021. I still can’t figure what’s wrong on
the Brandmeister side.

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