Re: ASL>DStar noise problem

G7RPG - Peter Kendall

Thanks Steve K4SQ,

That fixed it, changed to 1.5 and DStar audio levels now much closer to others on Allstar.


On 19/03/18 16:37, Steven Blackford wrote:


    I ran into this problem a while back.  Peter, you have to modify the DummyRepeaterThread.cpp file.  The division by 3 drops the audio level pretty low.  So, I modified it to multiple by 1.5 instead.  If increase it to 2.0 or higher, you’ll start getting bad clipping, so I just left it @ 1.5.  It was late in the middle of the night when I looked @ this & it’s probably not the right way to correct the problem, but it has been working here. 😉 Here’s the change I made:


[root@k4sqi-allstar DummyRepeater]# diff DummyRepeaterThread.cpp.USRP.orig DummyRepeaterThread.cpp


<             [i] = (short)((audio[i*6]) * 32768.0F /  3.0F);


>             [i] = (short)((audio[i*6]) * 32768.0F *  1.5F);

[root@k4sqi-allstar DummyRepeater]#


73 de K4SQI!


Steve, K4SQI


From: G7RPG - Peter Kendall
Sent: Monday, March 19, 2018 12:26 PM
Subject: Re: [DVSwitch] ASL>DStar noise problem



Do you know if it is possible to manipulate the audio levels like you can with analog_bridge, DSTAR>ASL is quite low.



On 15/03/18 13:12, G7RPG - Peter Kendall wrote:


That fixed it, thanks Steve.

Its running under ESX and added an 'HD audio' device.



On 15/03/18 12:56, Steve N4IRS wrote:

OK, I may have to go back and find that message and edit it. DO you have a real sound device available in those pulldowns? If so select it. If not, can you add a simple sound device like a CM1xx and select it?


On 3/15/2018 8:53 AM, G7RPG - Peter Kendall wrote:

Hi Steve,

Yes, followed your instructions from a previous post.



On 15/03/18 12:47, Steve N4IRS wrote:

I'm pulling this off the top of my head. Do you have the sound device in Dummy Repeater using snd-dummy?

73, Steve

On 3/15/2018 7:59 AM, G7RPG - Peter Kendall wrote:

Hi All,

I've got my Allstar node connected to DStar (DCS005E) using the dvswitch
modified version of dummy repeater.

All seems to be working well apart from a digital burst of noise that is
heard on DStar at the end of a transmission coming from ASL.

I've recorded an example here:

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions or has come across this before?







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