Steve N4IRS

 "clientModes": ["Intercom", "DMR", "STFU", "DSTAR|D-Star", "NXDN", "P25", "YSF", "ASL|AllStar", "M17 Bridge|M17"],

; Example: When a DVSM user selects the DMR mode, AB will look for the mode below and execute the script and pass the parameter.
; In this case, AB will execute the script "/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/" and pass the prarmeters of "mode DMR" to the script.

DMR =   /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mode DMR
DSTAR = /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mode DSTAR
NXDN =  /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mode NXDN
P25 =   /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mode P25
YSF =   /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mode YSF
ASL =   /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mode ASL
STFU =  /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mode STFU
intercom = /opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mode INTERCOM

That should be all you need.

Steve N4IRS

On 4/22/2021 12:12 PM, f0dei wrote:
Hello All,

Any tips how to setup STFU ?
DVSWitch and Analog Reflector are already running on my VPS) and STFU section is already set in DVSWitch.ini

Toufik, F0DEI

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