Re: Help with multiple instances of DV Switch



Basically the setup is that my friend and I have started putting together a small network. We have a few nodes in the cloud and a couple of RF connected nodes. We have Echolink configured and coming into a couple of these nodes and at the moment have it bridging across to 2 different DMR talkgroups on 2 different networks. We have achieved this by having one node configured to bridge to one network and another node configured to bridge to the other network. These talkgroups are ours that we have set up so we know they aren't connected elsewhere and therefore we know that there are no loops being created. What I was hoping to do was to have this happening on one node only and therefore a couple of instances of DV Switch needed to do that. That way if there are any problems it means we can just disconnect that node and it doesn't interfere with anything else we are doing. 

Hope this makes sense. 


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