Re: Help with multiple instances of DV Switch

Steve N4IRS

Based on what you already have built, the easiest is to do the bridging in AllStar. You will need to add a second AllStar node to you existing AllStar server. This is usually called a "private node" or a non published node to be more accurate. (This does not HAVE to be private) The second node would connect to your second Analog_Bridge via USRP (again different ports then you used for your first node) This way, DMR network 1 would be connected to you public node and DMR network 2 would be connected to your second AllStar node.


On 4/23/2021 9:16 AM, Alex MM7BDW wrote:
Connectivity to AllStar is more important. It started off with this "bridge node" being connected into our normal AllStar network bridging to one DMR network which was simple to setup until we decided to also want to be connected to another network as well. So I suppose in a way bridging DMR to DMR could be the solution. We don't need mobile device access or web browser access. As long as whatever happens on our AllStar side of things can be heard coming through the DMR networks and vice versa. Ideally I would be looking for the simplest approach as I am very new to this and just learning as I go 


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