Re: Help with multiple instances of DV Switch

Steve N4IRS

Yes, you are correct. I have one suggestion, Everything you will find on the net about adding a private node will suggest a node number below 2000 usually 1999. Though in most cases this will work fine, sometimes if 2 public nodes each having a private node 1999, you will have a problem disconnecting. I suggest you use the NNX numbering system to your advantage. If your public node is 2151 then append a singe digit to the node number. You can have 10 NNX nodes so I would suggest using 9. So, node 2151 and node 21519. If you don't like that, use a node number between 1 and 1999, just try to be unique. The other suggestion I have is since you already had a running AllStar <-> DMR bridge, use it to test your second bridge. You second AB will have unique USRP ports. Edit your existing rpt.conf and point it at the second AB. Make sure all works as expected. The swap the ports back. Now you can add your private node. Here are some links to help, though you will find the same info all over the net. <> This will help ytou configure the second node for a bridge <>

Steve N4IRS

On 4/23/2021 10:06 AM, Alex MM7BDW wrote:
So Steve if I am understanding correctly. If I add a private node to my already existing configuration for the public node on ASL, then I can create two instances of each (MB,AB and MD380) and configure this to look at the private node with different USRP ports?

I've already copied MB,AB and MD380 into new directories and named them "2" and changed all the ports in the respective ini's. I'm sure I have read a doc somewhere before about the private node setup so should be able to follow that from there. 

To sum up, I just need to have a private node setup within the existing rpt.conf and as long as the USRP ports are different from the original then this should work?

Thanks for your help Steve


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