Jorge (George)

Hi Steve

I have the STFU connected to the master, accept the change of TG's, I listen perfectly to the communications, the problem arises when TX, the stfu sends the selected TG but without defining the type of call, whether group,  private or any other, results in a code 34 on the side of the BM dashboard (unknow type). Another strange point, I appear without the information of the sender, repeater ID even though in DVSwitch.ini it has the ID + ESID.

Can you check where is the mistake.



[STFU]                          ; Brandmeister Open DMR Terminal (ODMRT) Protocol

BMAddress =   ; Brandmeister ODMRT server address

BMPort = 54006                  ; Brandmeister ODMRT port

BMPassword = xxxxxxx         ; Your Brandmeister password

Address =             ; Address to send AMBE TLV frames to (export)

txPort  = 36100                 ; Port to send AMBE TLV frames to (export)

rxPort  = 36103                 ; Port to listen on (import)

UserID  = 268300701             ; Your DMR ID + SSID

TalkerAlias = CT1JIB Jorge      ; Max 27 characters

StartTG = 915                   ; Startup talk group

LogLevel = 1                    ; STFU log level (0=No logging, 1=Debug, 2=Message, 3=Info, 4=Warning, 5=Error)




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