Re: dvswitch setup issues on link radio


I kinda missed that >'link to repeater' first time so I would say your issue is in mode/settings

Try this...

Duplex =1


On 5/5/2021 3:41 PM, Bryan Johnson wrote:
I finally received my Alinco DR-135 and hooked it up this morning, but I am having a couple issues. I am currently testing it low power over a simplex freq. Eventually it will be setup as an in-band link to my 2 meter repeater. I've set the simpleusb levels, and have made connections on Allstar and Echolink. Everything appears working ok there, and audio is good. DTMF commands are working fine as well.

However, I am not getting any audio on the dvswitch side of things. I am linked to my TG (my 7 digit DMR ID), and I can hear audio when I talk thru my hotspot and listen on the dvswitch mobile app. I can also TX with the mobile app and hear my audio over my hotspot. However, no audio is being transmitted to or from my analog HT via the node. FYI, I am using the "bundled" ASL/dvswitch install on a rpi 3b+. If someone can steer me to directions to get the dmr<>analog issue fixed that would be most appreciated.

The second problem is when I tune the Alinco to my 2 meter repeater pair, it seems they "lock up" one another. That is the repeater keys then unkeys (super short hang time on the repeater), then the Alinco keys, and so on. Hoping it is just a tail time or some other setting that needs to be tweaked in the node setup. Otherwise my thoughts of using the Alinco as an in-band Allstar, Echolink, DMR bridge link to the repeater is all for naught. FYI, 2 meter repeater is a 40+ y/o VHF Engineering repeater. So changing hang times and such on the build-in controller may be an issue. Hopefully a setting in the node will fix the problem.

Thanks in advance,
Bryan - K6RBJ

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