Re: DV Switch Dashboard


I should not be a port problem.  When you installed the dashboard for the ysfreflector it should have been put in a separate directory.
Dashboard for DVSwitch is in /var/www/html
Dashboard for my m17 reflector is /var/www/html/m17

From: <> on behalf of Alex MM7BDW <mm7bdw@...>
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2021 12:37:54 AM
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Subject: [DVSwitch] DV Switch Dashboard
Hi all, 

I have installed DV Switch on my server and all works fine. Was able to view the dashboard no problem. However, I have also installed a YSF Reflector on the same server and now the dashboard for the reflector comes up and no access to DV Switch dashboard. I know it's probably just a port issue in where each dashboard is configured to look at. The question is, has anyone done this before and if so how do I change the settings so that I can view each dashboard respectively?

Many Thanks

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