Re: Large analog_bridge.log

Komkit Listisard

Mike, stepping out and will be back in a little while.  Basically I have an XLX up and here are the ports that are in use at the moment with all of the stuff that are running.

Struggling with adding P25, when it work it was intermittent.  My NXDN would acting.  Keying up from NXDN would do nothing.  However if I to key up from DMR or D* or YSF, NXDN would lit up and then I can talk on/from NXDN all day long, very strange.  I am sure there is/are conflict somewhere.

NXDN bridged directly to XLX (DMR), I was not going through BM.  P25 also the same way, not going through BM.  Might be some kind of conflict.  Un-bridged P25 for now until we get back and going at it some more.

73, Kit

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