Re: channel.c:3051 ast_request: No channel type registered

Paul on6dp

HI ,

Yes it’s a new install of allstar link but on the server (VPS on Cloud) there is already a DVSwitch Server ( ). The VPS by OVH is under Debian 10 Buster and CPU  AMD64

I mean I have a problem with dahdi. It’s with DKMS


Here is the that I was using to build the ASL





And when I’m trying to make   apt upgrade -y I have that error



Any idea to solve that ?


73 Paul, ON6DP



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Is this a new install? What version of AllStar? Did you make any changes?

On 5/13/21 6:12 PM, Paul on6dp wrote:

Hi guys,
I'm trying to install ASL as Hub but I have the following error messge

[May 14 00:07:39] WARNING[12643]: channel.c:3051 ast_request: No channel type registered for 'dahdi'
rpt:Sorry unable to obtain Rx channel

In module.conf I have :
load => ;

In rpt.conf I have :
rxchannel = dahdi/pseudo
;rxchannel = USRP/  ; Use the USRP channel driver. Must be enabled in modules.conf
                                        ; = IP of the target application
                                        ; 34001 = UDP port the target application is listening on
                                        ; 32001 = UDP port ASL is listening on

duplex = 1                              ; 0 = Half duplex with no telemetry tones or hang time. Ah, but Allison STILL talks!

hangtime = 0                            ; squelch tail hang time 0
althangtime = 0                         ; longer squelch tail hang time 0

holdofftelem = 1                        ; Hold off all telemetry when signal is present on receiver or from connected nodes
                                        ; except when an ID needs to be done and there is a signal coming from a connected node.

telemdefault = 1                        ; 0 = telemetry output off. Don't send Allison to DMR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me.

telemdynamic = 0                        ; 0 = disallow users to change the local telemetry setting with a COP command,

linktolink = yes                        ; disables forcing physical half-duplex operation of main repeater while
                                        ; still keeping half-duplex semantics (optional)

nounkeyct = 1                           ; Set to a 1 to eliminate courtesy tones and associated delays.

totime = 180000                         ; transmit time-out time (in ms) (optional, default 3 minutes 180000 ms)

idrecording = |ie ON6DP                 ; id recording or morse string see
idtalkover = |ie ON6DP                 ; Talkover ID (optional) default is none see

The Dahdi vers is DKMS

Where is the mistake ?

Anybody can help Me ?


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