Re: Large analog_bridge.log

Komkit Listisard

On Sat, May 15, 2021 at 01:17 PM, Komkit Listisard wrote:
Steve, very good and thank you for your time and support.  I won't know how to fix it.

Also what need to happen in P25 Net field to lit up instead of "Not Linked"

I have the similar dashboard with NXDN bridge, the NXDN Net is showing Linked to TG 910,  not with the P25 dashboard.

Otherwise it no big issue as it does not stop anything.

73, Kit
P25 Net "not linked" has been resolved.

Since my P25 <> DMR is using MB2 (mmdvm2) directory for logs.  I have to tell p25gateway to put the logs in mmdvm2 instead of mmdvm directory.

73, Kit

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