Re: DR2 X connection options

Benjamin ON5BGO

HI Doug 
yes thanks for infos. 

ok for the duplex hat, yes of course frequencies are different. But it rise me another question : says there is a net call from ysf then your hotspot transmit on the tx qrg to the repeater, the repeater then transmit on his tx qrg which is the rx qrg of your hotspot. Is this condition does not make a loop ?
Or is the RemoteGateway option doing this unloop condition ?
In fact the hotspot rx qrg would be disabled when transmitting : how do you manage that ?
Okay i think i see, that is managed by your TAIT but what is the mmdvm board model connected to the TAIT ?

We are currently installing a DR-1X repeater with it’s hri-200 at a local airport here. And I would setup a Rpi on site for the ysf reflector but still not know how to do it to not create loops. Hope you understand me. 

Thanks for info Doug 
73, Ben

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