Re: ASL>DStar dummy repeater crashing

Steven Blackford

Hi Peter,
  ASL<->D-Star is rock solid for me.    It's been running currently for several weeks without a reboot or restart.  When I had my node setup to bridge over to DMR, i had an issue with the DMR->ASL going to sleep until someone keyed up on ASL.  Then it would start working again.  On your PI are you running the new ASL software or are you running the HamVOIP software?  What hardware are you using to do the transcoding?    I'm currently using a PiDV, but have used an original Blue DV-Dongle & a ThumbDV as well.   73 de K4SQI!

Steve, K4SQI

On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 4:23 PM, G7RPG - Peter Kendall <g7rpg@...> wrote:
Hi I wonder if anyone who is using dummy repeater to link to allstar has
a problem where dstar > asl stops working randomly sometimes an hour
sometimes a day or so. ASL > dstar is never a problem.

Restarting dummy repeater fixes the problem.

I've tried this on a VM and Rpi and get the same results.


Steve, kb7sqi@...

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